Good Service Rendered


Hi Phakamani/Sheila,

It would be a gross injustice if I were to sit and not express my gratitude to you and your colleague Sheila. Believe you me, I have worked in every sector yet I still marvel at good service rendered. To me good service says a lot about you and the job you do, your satisfaction with it, it even goes further into reflecting your character. You sensed urgency with my query and you both treated it as such despite the odds. I send this email because "For evil to prevail all that needs to happen is for good man to sit and do nothing".

In Shona we say "Kusatenda uroyi", when loosely translated it means " To lack gratitude or be ungrateful is tantamount to witchcraft". Thank you very much guys and may you continue from strength to strength to treat put yourselves into your clients shoes. It took you less than 15mins to have this IRP 5 sent to me, I am still waiting for a lady from another company to send one that I requested on Wednesday last week, despite my daily calls and emails I still wait.. Now you understand why I am impressed with your service.


Mavu Mutenha